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I just like them .3.


Geo by GabuGabyGAB
I just wanna draw something on my laptop, using Photoshop 7.0(i know pretty old program i say... xP) and i simply draw Geo, since i need to get used to Photoshop, aaaaannd the results were not quite good... -m-'' im not really used to it, and its my first time drawing on Photoshop, using different tools and other stuff in it...

But yeah, guess i should practice more and, hope you like it. Simple as always.

Gosh Geo looks matured... x3x
I have everything...

But i didnt even use anything.
Art Gift-Shiaka by GabuGabyGAB
Art Gift-Shiaka
AG for panjityas, Chibi Shiaka~

Sorry for very late upload, i was pretty busy for school. ^^; And hope you like it as well.

Oh BTW, Belated H-B-D~
Yes yes... i've been dead for weeks... i know that, but i just want to tell you guys that THIS month... was a totally sick...

Actually my mother suprisingly came home from abroad with her Ameri-... no wait... Texian guy, who is on vacation with his American buddy, who owns a handy man service. And why? The two foreigners wanted to see our home country, and i felt very proud because its their first visit in the Philippines! Aparrently... they only have a week to tour around the place, so it was really a rush... but i also had tge chance of going out-of-town trip. And about my school? Well... we've been excused, and galdly the teachers understands the reason why.... but yeah back to the story... me and my family together with my relatives went to the beach, the mountain province, historical places and much more, and during the trip, i made a small conversation with the two guys, i feel really different while talking to them, its like i never believed that i actually talked to an American and a Texian in personal! Heh... that weird joyness i had. And when vacation is over, with some photos as a rememberance, the guys had to leave, my mom as well due to her work.

And! She fiinally gave me a laptop! Even my siblings have one. Bad thing is we still have no connection... And when we came back to school... everything is like a crazy world to me like, eh you know the usuall...

So thats about it, i hope i updated my page right, and about the requests and commissions... it might take a while, so PLEASE be patient. (Though its only a few... nyemas... -n-' ) and im practicing the Photoshop my dad installed on my laptop. So yeah, thats everything.
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GabuGabyGAB's Profile Picture
Gabriel Espinosa
Hi! Im Gabriel but everyone calls me Gab,

I feel comfortable with that nickname, im now in the Philippines with my siblings and relatives,my parents are abroad... but i can take care of myself.

And my siblings hehe... i love to draw stuff... im a pokemon and kingdom hearts fan, which i draw seldom... and i wish i could learn digital art like using photoshop and stuff and i like meeting friends that have good art, even far or near, filipino or american... or so more... right now im meeting young adults! some are teens, but there is one about DeviantArt.... no matter how your drawing style is.... its still the best art for everyone!!! :)

By the way, I draw seldom, cause you know? Busy at school times, yeah i know it's tough... But still, I'll find time to draw, and to be honest sometimes... I have alternate personality, which means if my mood is good, then later on, bad, then good then bad then good then bad then so on so far..... lol, I know it's awkward...

Anyways, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here, hope I can keep in touch on DA.

Azel The Buizel by Marlenesstamps- Azel the buizel (my first character btw, and fav. pokemon =3)


I am not here to just impress to people about my art, but to express of my own art... even though you say its a good or worse art, i dont mind, all i want is to just enjoy making art.

And if you have time, please feel free to peek at my gallery ^^


My accounts:

on Facebook:

on Toutube:…

on Twitter:

on Tumblr:

on Skype: gabriel_espinosa135

NOTE: If you want to add me in these accounts, you better tell me first to add, or send me a note...

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GabuGabyGAB Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
Well, im open. Im actually waiting for the commish... Are you interested? .3.'
Tonaga2064 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Depends on how much they are.
GabuGabyGAB Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
well, what do you want anyway?
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